International Awareness and Involvement

As a program of our Five Point Thrust, International Awareness and Involvement reminds us to be citizens of the universe; then to be cognizant of the world beyond our borders and to engage ourselves in meaningful ways to promote the well-being of our neighbors in the global community. It is incumbent upon us to raise awareness of global needs and to develop and implement programs to address those needs.

On September 21, 2007, MCAC partnered with the NJ/Haiti Partners of the Americas and Trinity Church to sponsor a benefit concert for the Boys Choir of the Holy Trinity Music School of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. The event was a success and well attended by members of MCAC and the surrounding community. Because of the financial donation of MCAC Sorors, the choir was provided food prior to the concert and a monetary contribution will be given to the school.

The International Awareness and Involvement committee is continuing its efforts to support the Haiti school. A second initiative is underway to collect musical instruments for developing a music education program in rural Haiti. Music and art are vital components in the Haitian culture, providing a measure of release from prevailing oppression.